end of day rant

Why do we need to use social media? Well, we don’t but have you actually met anyone that doesn’t? It’s getting harder and harder to avoid and it makes me want to puke in my mouth. Guess what? I’m also a hypocrite (ummm blogging?!) But I’ve yet to meet/hear of anyone who didn’t once show the true hypocrite side of themselves.

Basically I’ve been going through a process of deleting social media apps off of my phone. Blogging I don’t count as I have to use my laptop and that’s not something I can constantly access. But this evening I’ve been onto Facebook and just seen so many things that make me angry, sad or just generally down. Because these people saying these things I don’t agree with and that stir these feelings in me are the people I’ve surrounded myself with. Isn’t that a bit sad in itself? As time goes on (jeez makes me sound about 70) I find it harder and harder to actually connect with people and I blame social media! Meeting people through a screen, saying things you’d never be able to say to their face and being able to broadcast very strong and often personal opinions? If that was a marketing pitch it would be shot down instantly. Bad ju ju vibes.

There will be people reading this thinking “wow I totally disagree, what a douche canoe”. Well frankly sunshine, I couldn’t agree more. We’ve developed so much and provided ourselves with so much mental stimulation that we’ve actually fully fucked up our brains. Mental health chat imminent but I’ll skip that this time for the purpose of a shorter post. Turns out, every single person living on this planet is a douche canoe. Why is that so hard to believe? Someone, somewhere is going to think it of you. And that my friends is how I’ve come to be having this little thought party with myself at 10pm at night. Spaghetti brainetti. End of evening rant over and out.


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